Widescreen Artist Wallpapers (1440 x 900)

After searching the Internet high and low I can’t find any decent artist related widescreen wallpapers, so i decided to make my own. Feel free to take and use these, the size of these is 1440 x 900, so make sure you have you your computer on the right settings. If you have come across or made some of your own post them and I will add them!


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4 thoughts on “Widescreen Artist Wallpapers (1440 x 900)

  1. Liv says:

    Thank you soo much!

  2. Musikschule Münster MOTET Internationale Musikschule Muenster(NRW)…

    […]Widescreen Artist Wallpapers (1440 x 900) « Anthony Lawlor Blog[…]…

  3. Awesome! I love the purples and oranges.

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